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OLAH conferences bring together women from all over Europe, aged 30-60, for a unique exclusive and mind-blowing experience, during which we are exposed to, enriched by, and connected to our Jewish identity and to one another.
During each conference we go on a unique journey that was developed especially for Jewish women in Europe from all backgrounds.

We will be exploring and learning different aspects and layers of our identity and heritage. We will step through the cycle of life and through the Jewish calendar in an extraordinary way, that will stay with us wherever we go.

In the event that the conference is cancelled due to COVID restrictions we will provide a full refund.

Our conference is a unique setup for European Jewish women where women from different communities and different backgrounds gather together for an unforgettable life-changing  3 days of learning, connecting, and experiencing our identity and ancient wisdom.

We will explore our past and values through the eyes of today.

We will have different workshops for body and soul, music, movies, special events and much more.

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Gala Event Vienna 2022

A Special Evening for the Jewish women of Vienna with Eden Harel

Come and join Jewish women from across Europe for a special evening of inspiration, culture, and connection. The program will include dinner, music, and a memorable talk by Eden Harel.

The evening will take place on Tuesday 24/05 at 19:00 at The Renaissance Vienna Hotel, Linke wienzeile/Ullmannstrasse 71, Vienna.

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OLAH is a strong empowering, varied and cross-community home for Jewish women. It’s the place where Jewish women can be inspired, learn, grow, and connect.

OLAH organizes conferences, seminars and special events for Jewish women in Europe. Our programs provide deep, high-level and inspiring content spanning the frame of Jewish Identity. We will expand and encourage learning and develop a sense of unity among our participants. We believe that being part of OLAH will create life changes for each one of us, that will create a ripple effect and make a difference for those who surround us - our families, communities, and people.

Being a member of OLAH means being part of a community that supports and enriches your life at the exact level you need. We will be there for each other throughout the whole year, connected both physically and virtually via different media and special events.


  • Conferences and seminars
  • Special events
  • Run a virtual community via social media
  • Provides online reading materials
  • Leadership programs
  • Home for different initiatives for Jewish women
  • Networking
  • Accompanying and support


Founder and CEO

Born in Jerusalem and having lived in the Ukraine and Australia, Noa is the founder and CEO of Echad. Noa has founded and managed a youth program in the Ukraine, opened and managed a women's Jewish learning center in Australia and initiated many community activities including international group tours to Israel and has project managed many community events.

Noa has a wealth of experience initiating and developing community projects connecting different Jewish communities around the world and is an active volunteer in a unit for emergency services.

Noa has an MA in Computer Science, a BA in Mathematics, a BA in Jewish Studies and has completed the Rothschild Fund's course of community leadership and management.

Channah Rivera

Project Manager

Born in Colombia and raised in Spain, Channa has many years of experience working as events coordinator at her family’s food and commerce companies in Spain and Panama. She volunteered at an alternative medicine and sports rehabilitation clinic in Madrid. currently Chana is a student for languages and recently started her studies for nursing. Channah began her journey back to her Jewish roots more than eight years ago whilst living in Panama, and finished her giyur in Israel

Magic happens when identity, connection, knowledge and inspiration come together