MAY 23-25, 2022


Save the date for the OLAH Spring 2022 Conference. A unique life changing experience for Jewish women across Europe.


OLAH conferences bring together women from all backgrounds from all over Europe for a unique exclusive mind-blowing program where we are all being enriched, exposed to, and connected to our Jewish identity, and to one another.

During the conference we go through a unique journey that was developed especially for Jewish women in Europe from all backgrounds.

We will be exploring and learning different aspects and layers of our identity and heritage. We will step through the cycle of life and through the  Jewish calendar in an extraordinary way, that will stay with wherever we go.

Location: The conference is being held at Altis 5-star Hotel Read more...


Our conference is for European Jewish women  age 30+

We will meet to connect, to be inspired, to touch our deepest inner soul, to learn together and from one another.

We combine simplicity and depth, laughter and tears, luxury and fun, questioning, thinking, but mainly stretching our horizon, pushing up our sky as high as it gets.

This special conference is a partnership with the very welcoming Jewish community of Lisbon together with various Jewish global organizations.

During the conference we will tour and get to know the Jewish community of Portugal.

Glatt Kosher meals will be provided at the Altis 5-star hotel.

For more information contact us on office@olah.global

Limited spaces! 

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You can learn more about OLAH here


Event on the Tagus River

On the 24th May, 2022 @ 6:15pm, OLAH together with CIL, invite you to join us for a special evening of inspiration, culture and sisterhood with Jewish women across Europe. The evening will include a spectacular talk of Hannah Eyal, music, dinner, dance and more.

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OLAH conference – Amsterdam, November 2021 –is bringing women together, aged 30+ from all Europe for a unique exclusive )mind-blowing? / ( program where we are all being exposed? (unveil?) dig in? chasifa?no need  , enriched, and connected to our own identity, and to one another.

The program was developed especially for Jewish women in Europe from all backgrounds to  touch each woman on her own unique way.

We will be exploring and learning different aspects and layers of our identity and heritage. We will step  through the cycle of life and  the  Jewish calendar in an extraordinary way, that will stay with us wherever we go.

We will discover the magic of Hebrew and will get perspective of the Tanach’ books and history joined by touching existential  questions that will come into life from our ancient texts. We will touch  biblical – 21 century dilemmas, and will get a breeze the mystery of our eternal wisdom

The learning will be given using intellectual and experiential tools and will live each participant with a lifetime experience and an anchor to her own identity and daily life.

What will we have?

*Main sessions -  crossing life as a Jewish woman in the context of today, based on thousand years of our history and values

*Workshops – specially designed to implement the session using multiple choices from theoretical to practical ones, including art, music , sport , body and soul and much more for choice.

*Special events – will have a special night with a movie and a movie producer, a gala night with an inspiring program music, party and dance,  ted session,  master cheff, and more

All in all, at a luxury hotel with delicious kosher food

Special costs for early birds

Option to sponsor your peers and an option to get a scholarship

Come and join us through a unique, unforgettable journey , meeting Jewish women form different communities and strengthening together to bring out our best, be more connected and putting our unique touch in this world



Founder and CEO

Born in Jerusalem and having lived in the Ukraine and Australia, Noa is the founder and CEO of Echad. Noa has founded and managed a youth program in the Ukraine, opened and managed a women's Jewish learning center in Australia and initiated many community activities including international group tours to Israel and has project managed many community events.

Noa has a wealth of experience initiating and developing community projects connecting different Jewish communities around the world and is an active volunteer in a unit for emergency services.

Noa has an MA in Computer Science, a BA in Mathematics, a BA in Jewish Studies and has completed the Rothschild Fund's course of community leadership and management.

Channah Rivera

Project Manager

Born in Colombia and raised in Spain, Channa has many years of experience working as events coordinator at her family’s food and commerce companies in Spain and Panama. She volunteered at an alternative medicine and sports rehabilitation clinic in Madrid. currently Chana is a student for languages and recently started her studies for nursing. Channah began her journey back to her Jewish roots more than eight years ago whilst living in Panama, and finished her giyur in Israel

Rachelle  Fraenkel

Rachelle Sprecher Fraenkel born and raised in Israel, is a Yoetzet Halacha and teaches Talmud and Halakha at Nishmat. She is the director of Matan's Advanced Halakha Program.

Mrs. Fraenkel is a co-founder of The Jerusalem unity prize and Unity Day project. She is a mother of seven and lives with her family in Nof Ayalon

hannah EYAL

Hannah (formerly Ana) Eyal is a Portuguese psychologist and renowned lecturer whose inspiring story of return to her Jewish roots has been published in various media outlets.

In 2015 she captivated the audience at the first ever Knesset Lobby for the Reconnection with the Descendants of Spanish and Portuguese Jewish Communities and since then her autobiographical lecture became a success in Israel with over one hundred lectures all over the country.

Avital Meicles

Avital Macales is a co-founder of the Women's Performance Community of Jerusalem, an initiative that aims to unite women through the performing arts. She is the co-author, co-composer and co-producer of three Jewish-themed musicals: “Count the Stars: The Journey of Avraham &Sara”, “Hidden: The Secret Jews of Spain”, and “Whisper Freedom: The Soviet Jewry Struggle”.

Avital is an seasoned singer and actor, performing for the past 15 years on various community theater stages around Israel and on screen. In addition, Avital is working on an album of songs showcasing different Biblical characters, which can be found on YouTube. Through her work in the performing arts, Avital hopes to inspire, educate, and kindle Jewish and Zionist pride.

Dr. Orly Wiersman

Dr. Orly Wiersman is a change management psychologist. Change is her expertise. Her PhD thesis focused on work-life balance. For over 20 years Orly helps individuals and top organisations going through periods of changes. In addition to coaching sessions she also gives workshops and speaking engagements. Throughout her career Orly has worked in North America, Europe and Asia.


Sara Tanz grew up in NYC and has been dancing for as long as she can remember. Sara has taught movement classes in New York, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam. For the last 25 years, Sara's mission has been to share the feeling of joy and freedom that dance has always brought her. Dancing with Sara Tanz is a unique experience. Using a wide variety of Jewish and Israeli music from traditional to popular, we dance our way around the globe and through time. Choreography keeps the energy moving and magical, is easy to follow and geared for everyone.


Since he was a Catholic teenager in Germany, Tom Franz was attracted to the Jewish Israeli culture. His fascination resulted in leaving his successful career as a lawyer and banker in Cologne, moving to Tel Aviv, and converting to Judaism at the age of 30. Eight years later, in 2013, he won the famous Israeli cooking show „Masterchef“, within which he convinced the jury by combining traditional German food with Kosher gourmet cooking. He's published 3 bestseller books and hosts TV shows that are successful in both countries. He brings his culinary creations to special events and workshops all over the world. That is why he is known all over Israel and Germany to build a bridge in between his former and his current environments and is often called a culinary ambassador.

Esther joszef

Certified yoga & spin instructor. Makeup & Lash specialist💄 
Lover of all intentional movement. 
Daily practices include - Cold plunging, deep breathing, & gratitude 

NOVEMBER 14-16, 2021