Food for the body and soul


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We are inviting the Jewish women of the Netherland to a special event just before Hanukkah.

The evening “food for the body and soul” will have a special program that include words of Tora, music, and a workshop of MasterChef cooking demonstration by Tom Franz

Tom is an Israeli MasterChef that will share his gastronomical secrets and his phenomenal story of his journey from being a catholic German man to an observant Jew leaving in Israel.

The evening will include a gourmet dairy dinner and a onetime opportunity of sisterhood with European women, accompanied by special two musician sisters.

Short bio Tom Franz
Since he was a Catholic teenager in Germany, Tom Franz was attracted to the Jewish Israeli culture. His fascination resulted in leaving his successful career as a lawyer and banker in Cologne, moving to Tel Aviv, and converting to Judaism at the age of 30. Eight years later, in 2013, he won the famous Israeli cooking show „MasterChef“, within which he convinced the jury by combining traditional German food with Kosher gourmet cooking. He’s published 3 bestseller books and hosts TV shows that are successful in both countries. He brings his culinary creations to special events and workshops all over the world. That is why he is known all over Israel and Germany to build a bridge in between his former and his current environments and is often called a culinary ambassador.

The evening will take place on Monday 15/11 at 18:00 at the Novotel Hotel in Schipol.

Ticket cost is 45 euros per woman

The cost of the evening exceeds this price and any donation will help us hold the event.

The even will be held according to the laws of Holland and related Covid19 regulations.

If you want to be a part of the evening and need assistance with the subsidy, please fill out our subsidy application.

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